All the music I’ve released independently is available in high quality .WAV or .FLAC formats on my Bandcamp at a reduced price compared to the biggest services ones, and a bigger portion of what you pay gets to me:) 
If you wanna support my work directly, this and vinyls are the best way to do so <3

Nature Inc.
The Spirit Within
Meditative Flow
Earthly Spirits
Sons of the Dew
Kitsune To Take
Opening the Box [Lego x Lofi Girl]
What We've Lost w/Dontcry
Bliss w/Kinissue
Like Petals on the Face
Exposed Roots
Kibou w/JazzyCal
The Ronin's Voices w/Vindu
In Love with the Sky w/DaniSogen
Kaigan w/Tophat Panda
Silver Lake w/Nogymx
Camden to Chinatown w/Loafy Building
Maiko's Hope w/JazzyCal
Song of Honor w/DaniSogen
The Myth of Ryujin